A Newb at… Blogging

While some people seem to take pride in being a newb, (lol yolo #newb) it’s usually hard learning something new. A perfect example would be me. Starting this blog. I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while, but the fact that I’m (sometimes) shy, have a fluctuating self-esteem, and have no clue what I’m doing prevented me from doing it. I ended up making this blog on impulse. Which probably makes me more of a newb, since I didn’t have anything prepared beforehand. So I’ll tell you all what I’ve learned so far by writing out this small blurb (and exposure to the internet).
1. Act Natural
Don’t use your fancy pants grammar when writing a blog (unless your blog is about fancy pants grammar). Use the vernacular, the language of your audience. Make any possible or current followers that you’re a decent person, who’s usually nice and vaguely sarcastic, that they can relate with and would like to see more from. Don’t know how to act natural you say? Well here are some tips on how to be a good, regular person.

  • While you shouldn’t always use your superior fancy pants grammar when writing a blog entry, don’t have the grammar of a rock being smashed on the keyboard. If it’s really your cats’ blog and they like to walk all over the keys to make their posts and it’s just in your name, fine. But please make sure your grammar is at least okay and readable. I understand some people don’t speak English all that well and that’s okay! As long as viewers know what you’re saying and your parents wouldn’t think you’re possessed by a demon if they read your blog.


  • Be opinionated- but not over the top opinionated. While it’s not okay to appear to be a blank slate of opinions, it’s also not okay to go around slashing and slandering everything or telling people how to feel on certain subjects. Especially in the case heated political topics. Remember to always keep an objective mind about your opinions and remember not everyone feels the same way you do.


  • Be nice. No explanation needed.


2. Have Content

I did not follow my own tip, and I immediately regretted that decision. I should have typed up ideas beforehand. In advance. So now I have to play catch up and try to concentrate and write this when I have a ton of other stuff to do at the same time and get distracted*. So just make sure you have stuff to post my dear friends, followers, and viewers.

3. Respond back to followers.

They’ll probably end up helping you out in the future, whether by offering support, maybe making a donation, or even sending a link or two to their friends because they find you interesting. So get to know your followers, maybe they’ll help you improve on your blogging skills. And if a follower is nice to you, be nice to them; don’t ever get nasty with a follower. Which brings us to our next tip:

4. Confront haters with grace.

No matter how nasty they get, may they be some random person who you’ve never even seen on your blog or a follower gone rogue who no longer enjoys your blog, don’t stoop to their level. Stay classy. For example if a hater says “omg ur so ugli ur a terrribl prson**” one should say something along the lines of “Thank you for the feedback. I’ll keep that in mind.” or “Beauty is the eye of the beholder, everyone sees things in different ways.” Sometimes trolling, as long as that doesn’t get nasty, is acceptable as well and it may also let the hater see the error of their ways. Maybe.***



*I’ve legitimately been working on this entry for 3 weeks because of school work, AP testing, work, and just general laziness in my free time.

**Haters don’t always have bad grammar, I was just trying to be funny and make a dramatization.

*** We can always hope.



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